R.F. Louis

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R.F. Louis' First Novel

Karen Riggs laments her unfulfilling life, thinking that true love has passed her by, that it is too late for her to ever find it. However, a chance meeting with a much younger Tom Clark gives her the opportunity to experience all the romance and passion she should have had decades ago. The encounter leaves her torn between wanting more and wishing it had never happened. When what she believes is a one night stand turns into a whirlwind romance she discovers a whole new side of herself she never knew existed. As she plunges further into the relationship she falls further away from the truth she must tell Tom if she wants their love to succeed. It all comes crashing down around her when tragedy strikes and she is forced to reveal the shocking secret she has been keeping.

Love Comes to Everyone

It is never too late to find true love... Is it?

"A great 'hot' read."

Linda N.

"Finally, a romance for women of a certain age."

Kathy A.

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